David Price

David is the ‘d’ in d:class and the sole Company Director. David started trimming in August 1998 after studying a degree in engineering. With a real passion for cars, artistic flair and an eye for detail he saw an opportunity to start his own business in February 2005 at the age of 24. With every passing year and an abundance of drive and determination, David has continued to develop d:class automotive ltd into what is now, the largest trimming company in Surrey. He is enthusiastic and passionate about every job that comes through the d:class doors, choosing to still be very active on the shop floor as well as running his business. David’s expertise in trimming and the Mercedes-Benz marque in particular, is unsurpassed in both technical expertise and knowledge. David is a keen attendee of various supercar and classic car events.

Favourite Car Ferrari F40
Favourite D:Class Job My first McLaren F1 road car

Managing Director