London routemaster RML2666

London routemaster RML2666


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The downstairs is a soft play area for Children and the finale comes down to the upstairs adult area. A place to relax, chill out and talk amongst friends while having a drink from the bar. Fully LED lighting, a place to enjoy your time without distractions of stereos and the TV, doing that old fashioned thing called speaking to each other.

We had to create comfortable seating areas, fit bar stools and provide a useable bar and drinks storage areas. A neat provision for clothes and personal items had to be included. The client chose to use brown as their preferred colour but we got to design all the detail work and it as we saw it best. All the meticulous details down to the pattern being central to every panel and each item perfectly measured to be perfect to the eye, we considered all points.

It’s incredible to look at 2 weeks of work by the most amazing team that we could ever wish for.

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